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Friday, October 15, 2010

Still on the Merry Go Round

So today is CD2.  My dreaded period showed up yesterday.  On to Clo.mid Cycle 2, I guess.  I will be taking the same dose as I did last month because my 7 dpo progesterone levels looked good (30).  I have an ultrasound to check follicle growth scheduled for CD14.

I am definitely hoping that this is the month.  I never really expected the pressure that comes with starting fertility treatments.  I always thought it would just be great to have a plan in place.  That it would be so relaxing to know that if this strategy doesn't work, in a few months we will move on to something else, and then to something else, and eventually to IUI and IVF.  But now that I'm actually taking the first steps down this path, it just feels like when something doesn't work, I'm freaking out because I'm one step closer to Clo.mid not working at all, and one step closer to IUI, and one step closer to IVF.  It's totally crazy.

But all I've been thinking lately is, "Only 2 Clo.mid cycles left. Only 2 Clo.mid cycles left.  If Clo.mid doesn't work we won't be pregnant in 2010.  Only 2 Clo.mid cycles left!!!!"  And then my brain explodes and smokes puffs out of my ears.  I really was not expecting all this added pressure, but I guess that's kind of silly of me.

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Hope said...

(((Hugs!))) That sounds so hard to deal with. I wish I had some wonderful words of wisdom for you, but all I can offer is my support. Sorry the pressure is feeling so strong right now.