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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Here We Go...

I went in on Thursday for my follie monitoring ultrasound.  My lining looked good at 9 mm, and I had one 24 mm follie on my right ovary.  I triggered that night, and we went in yesterday for our first IUI.

We ended up with 5 million swimmers for the IUI.  My RE said it looked good, but from what I've read, 5 million really isn't too good of a number.  I'm sure you'll hear more about this from me, since I've started obsessively reading about sperm counts and thinking about what it means ;)

The IUI itself was a little more painful than I expected, and I had some cramping afterward.  I had an acupuncture session right after to help me relax, and by the time I left, the cramps were gone.

Something about the whole morning just left me feeling really down, and I feel like I can almost put my finger on it, but not quite.  I think I might devote a whole post to it in a few days.

For now, I'm adding in progesterone and baby aspirin, and hoping that I get a BFP in a couple weeks so I don't have to think about IUIs and sperm counts anymore.


Hope said...

Sorry you're feeling so down right now. I hope this cycle does result in a BFP for you, so you can stop worrying about getting pregnant. (((Hugs)))

b said...

good luck! i will be crossing my fingers for you that everything turns out well and that you end with a bfp!!

*and thanks for the award! ...so nice of you. i'm not sure what to do, but thank you!! :)

The Hudack Family said...

Best of luck!! I just had my IUI on Saturday so I'll be struggling through these next two weeks with you :)