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When you expected to be a mom, and instead you're a miscarriage survivor struggling with infertility? 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Chance

Today is THE day.  Let's get ready to OVULAAAAAATE!

BBT thermometer on the window sill next to the bed?   Check.
20 used OPKs, including 5 positive ones from the last 2 days?   Check.
Tube of PreSeed hidden in the closet from Mr. Unexpected?   Check.

Dear Egg(s), It's time to drop!

This is our last natural cycle before we enter the world of reproductive endocrinology.  Actually, I will be getting some blood work done, and Mr. Unexpected will be getting his SA (semen analysis) done before we even know if this cycle is a winner.

If we get our BFP in 2 weeks, we get to enter the world of high risk OBs, pregnancy mood swings, frequent ultrasounds, Lovenox injections, and constant worries about whether our baby's heart is still beating.  

If we get a BFN in 2 weeks (and I get AF (Aunt Flow, that old witch)), then we get to enter the world of fertility doctors, Clomid mood swings, frequent ultrasounds, HCG trigger injections, and constant worries about whether my ovaries are producing any follicles.

Hmmm... what's the difference?

If we get a BFP, we're pregnant.

If we get a BFN, we're infertile.

I'm rooting for Team Pregnant.


Illanare said...

Here from LFCA - here's hoping Team Pregnant win the tournament. Good luck!

denise said...

Here to welcome you from LFCA. I'm rooting for Team Pregnant.