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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Did Someone Freeze Time?

Ugh, this TWW is dragging by sooooo slowly.  I can't even believe that I am only 5 dpo.  How is that even possible????? It feels like decades since I ovulated.  On Monday, I was thinking, 'Oh wow, sometime next week I will know how this cycle turns out.'  Now I am thinking, 'I will be 79 years old by the time next week rolls around.'  The TWW hasn't been this bad for me in a long time.

On the exciting front, I get to test out my HCG trigger shot.  That means I get to take a HPT every day, with no guilt or crazy feelings.  And can you believe that I forgot to take it this morning????  I must have been possessed or sleepwalking.


A&R Hershkowitz said...

LOL. 79 years old. I'm right there with ya though hon.

Hope said...

Hang in there. I remember how the hours dragged by for me when I was waiting to test. (((HUGS!)))