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Monday, September 13, 2010

Health Issues

Today I heard from the nurse at my RE's office about the bloodwork I had done on Friday.  It turns out I am hypothyroid with a TSH level of 5.8 (they like to see it under 2.5) , and that I have high prolactin with a level of 68 (they want it under 20).  So I had to go get some repeat blood work done this afternoon.  If the TSH is still high, then I will start thyroid medication.  If the prolactin is still high, then I will get an MRI to look for a pituitary tumor and start bromocriptine.

And our Clomid cycle is on hold at least until we get the results back, probably until next cycle.

And they can't fit me in for a HSG this cycle, either.

Pretty crappy day.

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Jay said...

I'm sorry- a lot of issues can be fixed with thyroid medication and bromocriptine. If this was the reason things had not been working in the past then its a easy fix.

Hope all of it gets better!